I am so happy that you found my home

CARLA VERMAAT – author & artist

international, award winning author

  • romantic and crime novels in Dutch
  • crime novels in English
  • novellas in Dutch
  • short crime stories in English

ART – Artist statement

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Carla started painting in 1995 in a therapeutic response to devastating events in her personal life. She was immediately drawn to the luminosity of light opposed to secretive darks and the vibrancy of bright colours. Experimenting in various mediums, including watercolour, oils, acrylics and inks, her work displays the many different aspects of her personality: strong colourful landscapes opposed to simplified quick sketches in pen and ink.

‘The vastness of the British Columbia landscape never ceases to amaze me, humble me, inspire me and my aim is to capture its beauty in the perfect painting – which I haven’t achieved yet and I doubt I ever will -, but I will keep trying.

Carla has exhibited in many galleries and solo exhibitions in the UK and her work has reached many homes all over the globe. Now a member of the Port Moody Art Association, she focuses on the landscapes that are an eye-opener to her since she moved to Canada.

Carla Vermaat

July 2022